Phone Optimized Mantis for All Your Users!

MantisTouch is developed to provide a mobile optimized experience for users on the go with support for popular mobile platforms like iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.


One License for All Users

A single MantisTouch license is associated with one MantisBT instance covering all users across all popular phone platforms.

Source Code Included

MantisTouch license includes access to source code allowing customization to your own needs. Future 1.x updates also included for free.

Auto-Redirect Plugin

MantisTouchRedirect plugin for MantisBT automatically detects mobile browsers and re-directs to MantisTouch.

Focus on issues that matter

Ability to use pre-canned filters like "reported by me", "assigned to me", "monitored by me" and "unassigned".

Leverage Custom Filters

Filters saved within MantisBT are also available on the go via MantisTouch.

Bundled with MantisHub

MantisHub is a turn-key hosted solution for MantisBT that has exclusive rights to bundling MantisTouch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum MantisBT version supported by MantisTouch?

MantisTouch can work with MantisBT 1.2.17+ or above. However, it is highly recommended to use the latest 1.2.x version.

Do I need to buy a MantisTouch license per user? per instance?

MantisTouch license can be used to serve ANY number of users using a SINGLE MantisBT instance.

What can I do using MantisTouch?

MantisTouch enables the following features:

  1. For issues: add, update, view, deleted, filter, view list.
  2. For notes: add, edit, view, delete.
  3. For attachments: view.
  4. Filters: reported by me, assigned to me, unassigned, monitored by me, and custom filters.

How to setup an app icon to MantisTouch on the iPhone?

The following steps creates a home screen icon for the MantisTouch web app:

  1. Go to Settings, Safari, and set "Accept Cookies" to "Always".
  2. Open Safari and browse to
  3. Click the "share" arrow button and click "Add to Home Screen", then confirm "MantisTouch" name.
  4. Close Safari and run MantisTouch from the home page icon.

Does MantisTouch work with (place your favorite mobile OS here)?

MantisTouch is developed using HTML5 and jQuery, hence, it is likely to work on any phone that supports HTML5 and javascript. However, the focus is on the most popular ones being iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Should MantisTouch be installed on the same server as MantisBT?

MantisTouch uses web services to access MantisBT, hence, it can be installed on a remote server or the same server. However, installing them both on the same server should yield better performance.

Does the MantisTouch license include free upgrades?

MantisTouch license includes free upgrades for future 1.x releases.

Test Drive MantisTouch

Login to MantisTouch Demo using your MantisBT url, user name, and password.

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